sAvh, an ISO 9001-2008 company, started its subsidiary i.e. sAvh Quality Solutions in 2006. sAvh Quality Solutions is a wing of sAvh which looks after Quality Management.

It has been one of the rarest examples wherein a subsidiary company started its operations well before the parent company.

Mr. Abhijeet Dhanraj, the founder & CMD of sAvh, started consulting start-ups & small size organization after he completed his Green Belt in Six Sigma in 2006. His plan of actions was very clear to gain hand on experience of whatever he learnt under Six Sigma & Quality Management.

sAvh served several manufacturing units in Pune at initial phase of the company. Gradually, it has been expanding its horizons in other domains such as Retail, IT & Service industry.

sAvh successfully completed more than 20 quality management projects over a variety of domains. The projects include Cost Savings, Five S & Consultation for business expansion.

In 2011, sAvh started its Yellow Belt Certification program in Six Sigma. It was initially designed for working professional only. In the mid 2012, it started the same course specially designed for students keeping the need of the market in mind.

sAvh has trained more than 400 students & professionals till now. It is linked to several colleges & institutions in Pune, Satara & Kolhapur for providing training to their students. MIT, Bharti Vidyapeeth, YSPM, PIBM, etc to name a few of them.

Mr. Abhijeet Dhanraj is the lead quality consultant & trainer. He is Black Belt in Six Sigma. He is MBA in IT & Systems after completing his graduation in Statistics from Pune University. He worked with Infosys for more than 4 years before starting his company- sAvh Technologies.