′ Products are the Inputs to our clients to get their Desired Output at minimum resources & cost′
  • sAvh caters to sectors such as Education, Real Estate & Construction and Food & Beverages through its variety of products & Add-ons. We are proud to serve over 100 Satisfied Customers over the time spam of 4+ years.
  •  Education Sector
  • Digital assessment & development practices can help achieve the goals of your knowledge ecosystem. Personalized learning solutions and services can enhance the knowledge and deliver better citizens for the nation in coming time.
  • A learning ecosystem facilitates optimized collaboration between Student, Teacher, Administrators and other stakeholders. The development through Bare Observations, Questionnaire, Training programs, where learners and experts interact through dialogues, sharing videos, accelerates this development phase.
  • The Flagship program of sAvh, ′P2P- Power To Progress′, helps you to capitalize on technology driven activities focusing on each & every facets of a student, crucial for his upbringing. The program includes Holistic Assessment using Six Sigma methodology, Skill Development Training Session & Expert Guidance & Consulting for the real-time Holistic Development of each & every Student in the school.
  •  Food & Beverage Industry
  • With change in consumer lifestyles and increasing per capita income, Food & Beverage (F&B) industry is growing, especially in the emerging markets. There is an increasing focus on health, food safety, sustainability, convenience, and regulatory oversight. Innovation around healthier new products, packaging for on-the-go consumption, and targeted one-on-one promotions are emerging as key differentiators.
  • Making the industry capable of handling all these with equal ease & panache, sAvh equips them with its integrated software- ′RestoSoft′. The solutions comprises of automation from the very KOT, managing the robust & highly perishable inventory, till a plate of hot delicious savory is been put in-front of the end customers. The solutions been built on the guidelines of Six Sigma methodology ensures that with minimum wastage the industry & its players reaps in maximum benefits in terms of customer satisfaction & profit maximization.
  • RestoSoft gives you a one-roof solution to all those cumbersome work that you earlier used to do consuming lot of your time in a much more efficient, error-free & systematic manner, thus making it much more desirable among the industry leaders.
  •  Real Estate & Construction
  • As a real estate service provider your company must continually evolve and adapt to new client expectations and changes in the overall market. With an increase in purchase & change of land contours with rapid urbanization, it is very much necessary for the sector to be IT enabled for all its business process. Achieving real time collaboration across multi-location construction projects and achieve cost optimization in your IT operations through cutting- edge technology and engineering offerings tailored for the construction industry.
  • sAvh through its software- ′e-PropSell′ and ′e-LandDeal′, an unique combination of the very basics of the sector mixed with today’s technology help the industry stakeholders have a better grip over their Customer Satisfaction. The software ensures not only help you handle multi-location projects from one single point of touch, but also proper data integration of all the facets of selling of real estate units. The major benefit of the software is the robust Management Information System (MIS) or in simple term- Reporting System which makes sure that you have hold of all the crucial information required for leveraging your business to new heights.
  • To know more about Products, send a SMS ′PRODUCT′ to +91 99 60 60 79 98 and our representative will contact you!