Micro Learning is a holistic approach for a skill-based learning through small learning units generally delivered as e-Learning or Mobile Learning even in a primary technological environment. It is designed to be effective, engaging and enjoyable for maximum knowledge acquisition.

Micro Learning provides bite-sized learning content in stark contrast to the traditional model of learning and thus better engagement follows.

Many of us may be familiar with the exponential nature of forgetting. As you see from this diagram featuring the ‘Forgetting Curve’ (by Hermann Ebbinghaus), we forget 80% of what we learned in 30 days!

Micro Learning helps overcome the ‘remembering challenge’ by offering byte size learning that often lasts for hardly few minutes.

The duration of micro learning modules, not more than 5-15 min, helps the learners to avoid the fatigue factor and eventually the engagement improves.

Key Benefit of Micro Learning

Benefits of Micro Learning to Learners:

Micro Learning offers several benefits to the learners and the organizations as well. In this article, we will cover the benefits to the learners. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Learner-Centric offering better engagement

Micro Learning modules are often designed keeping the learner’s style in mind over the conventional learning where all the learners have to adapt to trainer’s style of teaching. The duration of micro learning modules, not more than 5-15 min, helps the learners to avoid the fatigue factor and eventually the engagement improves.

2. Maximum Knowledge Acquisition

With better engagement, the interest level enhances that transforms the knowledge to the learners. Unlike conventional classroom sessions or even at times instructor led training (ILT), the rate of knowledge acquisition is higher with Micro Learning, simply because of its bite-sized modules.

3. On-demand or Just-In-Time

Micro Learning is available in ‘5 moments of need’ to the learners- when learning for the first time, when want to learn deep-dive, when need to remember something, when need to solve a problem or when need to change something.

4. Accessibility

Micro Learning can be made available over multiple delivery options using Technology to the learners providing higher flexibility and a choice to choose a device to learn on. The learners can even access the learning on their smart phones at their own time convenience and pace.

5. Eye-pleasing Look

Micro Learning modules are often designed with rich media formats offering eye-catching, attractive & beautiful designs of its content that lead to better retention of knowledge and hence the application that further result into performance gain & increased productivity.

sAvh Learning Solutions offers Micro Learning opportunities through its flagship product- MicrosticsTM which is a comprehensive advanced Micro Learning Platform integrated with a set of tools addressing vital challenges in a learning cycle such as Training Need Analysis & Measuring Training ROI.

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