Microstics™ Discover

A tool to discover a gap between expected & existing skills in an employee for a specific position focusing a dedicated skill attribute.

Skill Diagnosis Tool

Microstics™ Discover is a dedicated tool designed for Skill Diagnosis of employees. It can be completely personalized considering the industry, organization’s culture, job description & skill-set required for the position offering Holistic Training Need Analysis (TNA).

training need analysis

Micro Personalization

We understand diversity. Two similar positions in two companies may require different skills to perform. Microstics™ Discover leverages configuration considering industry, company culture & even job description to configure the Traianing Need Analysis.

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Pre-Defined Questionnaire

Employee Skill Diagnosis is done using a Survey Questionnaire to be answered by the employees with targeted designation. The pre-defined questionnaire is designed exclusively by our experts focusing specific requirements or the organizations and is modifiable.

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skill Diagnosis Survey

Statistical Analysis for training decisions making

Statistical Analysis

Our adaptive algorithm statistically analyses the information collected via Survey Questionnaire statistically and provides Actionable Insights helping to take the subsequent decisions about selecting the Right Training Programs, Budget Allocations, etc for the employees.

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Manage Training Budgets

The Training Programs are often a part of mandatory compliances which adversely affects the purpose of the training resulting into Indirect Overhead Costs. Microstics™ Discover helps you identify exact training requirements to effectively manage your training budgets.

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Manage Training Budgets

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