Microstics™ Learn

The most powerful Micro Learning Platform offering bite-sized learning through e-Learning Resources, AWYL Activities & Personalized Expert’s Feedback.

Micro Learning with Gamification

Based on 10-70-20 Model of Learning, Microstics™ Learn aims at turning employees into assets through their skill-development using the most engaging Learning Resources, delivered in Micro Learning fashion.

With an independent dashboard for L&D Manager to perform his duties including Enrolling Employees for Training, Tracking their Progresses, Analyzing the Learning Outcomes, Automate Actions and many more, Microstics™ Learn is what you will fall in love with!

bite-sized Learning

Learning in Bites on Mobile

Delivering bite-sized learning opportunities by distributing the curriculum into small modules consisting of short length yet informative e-Learning Videos & short-books. Being available on Mobile Application, at any time anywhere, Microstics™ Learn ensures continuous learning with optimum knowledge acquisition.

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Efficient Training Delivery

Carefully designed Learning Resources ensuring maximum employee engagement through miniature e-Learning Videos followed by AWYL (Apply What You Learn) Activities which are assessed by the Experts & shared their respective feedbacks for further improvement.

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Training Delivery model

Learning with gamification

Learning Like Playing Games

Our training methodology facilitates gamification through point scoring, earning badges, competitions, rules of play, etc, making it highly engaging learning experience. Additionally, the high quality animated e-Learning Videos (different than the most lengthy & boring training sessions) keep the learners engaged with the game!

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AWYL Activities

Based on the fact that 70% learning happens by doing it personally, our model is integrated with mandatory activities to be performed for every learning module, only after which the next gets un-locked. The activities enforce application of the learnings in challenging scenarios, offering valuable hands-on experience enriched with Expert's feedbacks.

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AWYL Apply-What-You-Learn

social & Collaborative Learning

Social & Collaborative Learning

Microstics™ Learn is designed to endeavor social & collaborative learning opportunities embracing attention, memory, motivation & contribution amongst the employees that result into elevated Training ROI to reflect in Office Productivity & Quality significantly.

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