Microstics™ Umbrella

A comprehensive Learning Platform that optimises Process Capabilities for Talent Development amongst the employees.

Advanced Micro Learning Platform

Microstics™ Umbrella comprises of four tools including Skill Diagnosis Tool (Microstics™ Discover), Micro Learning Platform (Microstics™ Learn), Tool to Measure Training ROI Tool (Microstics™ Impact) and Comprehensive Performance Support Tool- PST (Microstics™ Packet) for Effective Learning & its Application at work.

Discovering the gap between Expected & Existing Skills for a Specific Position offering Training Need Analysis (TNA)

Microstics™ Discover

A tool to discover a gap between expected & existing skills in an employee. It can be completely personalized considering the industry, organization’s culture, job description & skill-set required for specific position offering Holistic Training Need Analysis.

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Microstics™ Learn

The most powerful Micro Learning Platform offering bite-sized learning with optimum acquisition of knowledge through e-Learning Videos, Short-Books, AWYL (Apply What You Learn) Activities & Expert’s Feedback. The learning experience becomes awesome with Industry-Specific Case Studies, Gamification, Mobile Learning at Any time Anywhere and more.

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e-Learning, Micro Learning, Mobile Learning- Making Learning a Lovable Experience for Employees

Track, Measure & Analyze Training ROI with Actionable Insights to contribute to business bottom-line

Microstics™ Impact

An effective tool to track, measure & analyze the data collected at every touch-point improving Training ROI and allowing to make important decisions about training budget allocation, selecting training programs, scheduling, execution and managing overall learning strategy of the organization.

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Microstics™ Packets

An all-in-one Performance Support Tool (PST) helping the employees to recall the learnings through Refresher Bites delivered directly to their smartphones to apply them at job, boosting productivity & quality of their deliverables. The packets are in the form of info-graphics, images, short-books, diagrams or case scenarios.

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PST:Performance Support Tool

Latest Learning Trends

A report on learning trends is recently released by Docebo highlighting interesting facts.


Learning Mode

Employees prefer to learn


Learning Device

Employees prefer to learn
on mobile


Learning Speed

Employees prefer to learn at their
own pace


Learning Platform

Large organizations looking to
change LMS

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